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Cesar Diaz is a world renowned amp doctor, tone guru, and guitar tech, and his client list is a who’s who of big names; Bob Dylan, The Rolling Stones, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Jeff Beck, Jimmy Page, Eric Clapton and many others. This tape from 1992 reveals much of what is needed to be or become a guitar tech. The information is also useful for anyone who works on guitars or amps. 

This tape from 1992 reveals much of what is needed to be or become a guitar tech. The information is also useful for anyone who works on (or has someone work on) guitars or amps.

The tape has a very warm quality, and I found out why - it was all filmed on 16mm by Leonard Eisenberg (who took those great shots of Hendrix at Woodstock), so it is like watching a movie.

The scenes in the hills of Pennsylvania with Cesar are a treat to watch. The music on the video features guitar by Cesar.

This 60 minute video covers the following :

0:00 Opening
0:30 Stringing electric guitar (quickly!)
5:52 Intonation with strobo-tuner
8:21 Adjusting neck
8:54 Prevent broken strings
10:14 Nut trick (fix worn out nut)
12:12 Guitar inspection
13:17 Testing pots
14:18 Pickup magnetism
16:02 Wind your own pickup
24:35 Amplifier tune up
27:50 Bias the amplifier
29:08 Troubleshoot amplifier
30:17 Testing tubes
31:28 Test filter capacitors
34:06 Resistor testing
34:41 Ground wire problem
35:22 Out of phase speakers
36:43 Special effects (Tycobrahe Octavia, Vox wah, Univibe)
39:23 Stringing acoustic guitar
45:21 Tighten tube contacts
45:56 Adjust Vibrato
47:55 Test blown speaker
48:48 RMS power test
49:18 Check reverb
50:29 Vibramaster invention
51:52 Solid state vs tubes

Cesar Diaz's reputation as the AMP Dr. was already well established when the Rolling Stones asked him to work on the sound of the "Dirty Work" album. His work on Stevie Ray Vaughn's "In Step" album earned a gold record trophy. From Eric Clapton's "Journeyman" album to Keith Richard's "Talk Is Cheap" disc, Cesar's accomplishments are varied.

Keeping everyone in tune for four years on the Dylan tour earned Cesar an opportunity to join the band as a full member touring the world. Playing on stage with Bob Dylan in front of millions of people at the Grammy Awards was the peak accomplishment of Cesar Diaz, The Ultimate Guitar Tech.

Cesar with be spending the next 59 minutes with you sharing his trade secrets and philosophy about guitars and tube amplification. He will transform you into your own Guitar tech.

Video copyright by by Leonard Eisenberg (1991), text is from Analogman page dedicated to Cesar Diaz products.

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Videon postannut kitaraentusiasti on fanittanut Cesar Diazia vuosien ajan ja on todella mielissään, että tämä kauan kadoksissa ollut video on vihdoinkin kaikkien katseltavissa. 



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