Ultimate Troubleshooting Guide with Kiril


My name is Kiril Feodorov. I am from Viipuri, Karelia. I have learned how to repair guitar gear from my father who was an electrical engineer for Nokia. After talking with many guitar players in Finland, I realised that there would be demand for instructions of how to use digital multimeter when testing guitar gear. When I did some research, I did not found anything that would cover all aspects of multimeter testing for guitar player. Therefore, I decided to do it by myself! 

After watching all these videos, I am sure that you know much more about how to troubleshoot with digital multimeter. However, If the problem persists with your guitar gear, you can always send electric mail to my personal address found in the video.

Kiril promises to answer you! 

I hope you enjoy!

2.4.2014 Kiril Feodorov


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